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The STEP Zurich Centre was founded in 1993 (former Swiss German and Liechtenstein Branch of STEP)

Zurich is one of the top tier vibrant financial centres worldwide. In light of this it is unsurprising that STEP Zurich was founded only two years after George Tucker established STEP as a professional body in the UK. Since those beginnings in 1993, STEP Zurich Centre has grown its members to 542 (2023), making it the second biggest centre in Switzerland and second only to the UK and Jersey. Our members include a whole array of qualified professionals from the legal and accounting profession, trustees, managers and practitioners throughout the different areas of the financial services industry.

In Zurich and the surrounding areas, STEP Zurich has always been a strong promoter of Swiss federalism, and thus it plays a central role in Verein STEP, which also includes the STEP centres in Lugano, Vaduz, and Lucerne/Zug. The Zurich Centre was also at the forefront of the important discussions leading to the successful formation of the Swiss and Liechtenstein STEP Federation (SLSF), on August 31, 2016. SLSF unites Liechtenstein and all the Swiss STEP centres into one body, facilitating discussion, and enabling unified communication on behalf of our members interests vis-à-vis Swiss official authorities, associations or institutions.

STEP Zurich’s prime objective is to promote high professional standards within the profession, to provide educational and networking opportunities for its members and to contribute to debate and public policy in its specialist field. To promote these values, Zurich Centre organises regular lunches, webinars, workshops and other forms of knowledge transmission events in respect to the latest legal, tax and regulatory developments that are of interest and pertinent to its members.

The full STEP accreditation is an established, industry-wide seal of quality and trust within an ever changing and complex environment. It is gaining popularity among prime private and institutional clients and within the professional community. Should you wish to apply for a membership, please contact Corinne Graf and Claudia Kaplan at our STEP Office in Zug, who will be pleased in assisting you with your STEP application.