Swiss & Liechtenstein STEP Federation

The Swiss and Liechtenstein STEP Federation was established in 2016 to better unite our efforts on one platform in a coherent and effective manner and to provide one point of contact for national and international bodies.

The Swiss and Liechtenstein STEP Federation organises the Alpine Conference which is held each year in Interlaken. The Alpine Conference brings together regional and international delegates to network and discuss the challenges and opportunities within the Swiss and Liechtenstein Financial Centres.

Committee Members of Swiss and Liechstenstein STEP Federation:

Andrew McCallum
representing STEP Geneva

Guillaume Grisel
Deputy Chairman
representing STEP Lausanne

Matthias Hermann
representing STEP Basel

Dr. Johanna Niegel
representing Verein STEP
Zurich Centre, Vaduz Centre, Lugano Centre, Lucerne/Zug Centre