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Education / Ausbildung

Members of the Society are obliged to adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct. Item 5 of this Code refers to the necessity to remain technically competent and keep abreast of developments in specified areas of professional expertise.

For this reason, the compulsory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Scheme was introduced to the Society. This scheme is intended to be flexible to Members' circumstances, is via self-certification and random audit.

In order to help Members maintain this high standard of professional practice, the Society has comprehensive education schemes for members in England and Wales and those working in international jurisdictions.

The Society's international programme was launched in 1999 and leads to the STEP Certificate and Diploma in International Trust Management. The programme, which defines standards, levels of expertise and professionalism in the international trust environment has received acclaim as a highly relevant, well presented course with first class study materials and facilities.

The qualification is the product of a collaboration between STEP, the International Trust Companies Association (ITCA) and CLT International (CLT) and is delivered in association with Manchester Business School. Full details of the courses and a syllabus can be downloaded here (you need to activate JAVA).

The STEP Diploma in International Trust Management is one of the routes to STEP membership for applicants who are resident in a jurisdiction where membership is no longer available through relevant experience alone or to current STEP members who wish to study for and obtain a respected international qualification. To clarify the routes to membership in your jurisdiction please go to How to become a TEP.
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