60-second interview with Roderik Strobl

January 2021
STEP brings the best practitioners together at one table, says Dr Roderik Strobl, chair of STEP Zurich Centre and Verein.


The Financial Institutions Act of 15 June 2018 (“FinIA”), the Financial Services Act of 15 June 2018 (“FinSA”) and their implementing ordinances entered into force on 1 January 2020. Most of the requirements go into effect in January 2022. Financial Institutions therefore still have time to make their compliance arrangements during 2021.

While FinIA governs the requirements for financial institutions, FinSA seeks to protect the clients of financial services providers and to establish comparable conditions for the provision of financial services by financial service providers. Due to the uncertainties regarding the application of FinIA and FinSA to trustees, this factsheet comments on the questions STEP Zurich is frequently asked.

See attached factsheet and link to FINMA:


STEP Zurich Committee

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Federal Council adopts dispatch on amending AEOI Act

The Federal Council adopted the dispatch on amending the Federal Act on the International Automatic Exchange of Information in Tax Matters (AEOIA). The aim of the proposal is to implement the recommendations of the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes (Global Forum).

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Verein STEP's position to "SO"

Verein STEP referring to the Federal Acts on Financial Institutions and Financial Services entered into force on January 1, 2020 and in particular to the new rule for the regulated trustees to submit their activity to FINMA and to one of several FINMA-recognised Supervisory Organisation (hereinafter as “SO”), herewith

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Erstpublikation im EXPERT FOCUS 2019/9, S. 630ff.

Über den Sinn der Einführung eines neuen Rechtsinstituts im Schweizer Recht

Dominique Jakob
Michelle Kalt

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Introduction of a trust law in Switzerland

Artikel Trust & Trustees, Vol. 25, No. 6, July 2019

Natalie Peter

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Braucht es einen Schweizer Trust?

Artikel NZZ März 2019

Trusts sind in angelsächsischen Ländern verbreitet, beispielsweise in der Nachlassplanung. Auch in der Schweiz werden ausländische Trusts verwendet. In Bundesbern wird derzeit darüber debattiert, ob ein Schweizer Trust eingeführt werden sollte. Die Meinungen gehen selbst in der Branche auseinander.

Michael Ferber

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Der Trust passt nicht

Artikel NZZ Mai 2018

Die Schweiz braucht Instrumente für die Nachlassplanung, nicht aber das angelsächsische Trustrecht.

Gastkommentar von Michael Fischer und Natalie Peter

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The history of STEP in Switzerland

July 2018

Article written by Dr Johanna Niegel and  Roderik JP Strobl about "The history of STEP in Switzerland" in the past 25 years

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60-second interview with Johanna Niegel

July 2018

Interview with Dr. Johanna Niegel on the occasion of the conferral of the STEP Founders’ Award

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White Paper on the Regulation of Trust Companies in Switzerland

The Swiss Association of Trust Companies SATC was formed in 2007 and is a Swiss  association including many of Switzerland’s largest trust companies.

SATC sees regulation as one of the main paths to promote the credibility and standing of Swiss trustees and the Swiss ‘trust industry’ in the international wealth management arena.

Since it was formed SATC has been reviewing and developing its stance on regulation. This paper represents the agreed position of the SATC membership.

White Paper

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