Next week! Cases of different Crypto Investments from a tax, audit and accountin

Let's meet in Zug for our talk with Apéro and Networking:
Wednesday, 1 June 2022, 17.30

Evening Event Lucerne/Zug Centre

Series of Crypto Investment Seminars – third Seminar

Practical cases of different Crypto Investments from a tax, audit and accounting perspective

The speech shall provide an overview about the current practices of the taxation of crypto investments on the level of individuals and corporations based on selected use cases. Furthermore, based on these use cases, we will highlight the importance of tracking and tracing of the carried out crypto transactions for transparency reasons in order to simplify the cash-out options as well as to perform the necessary tax, accounting and the potential audit work.

Philipp Schlumpf, Head of Office, BDO Zug
José Rodriguez, Head of Business Solutions, BDO Zug
Sandro Meier, Tax Manager, BDO Zug
Erik Stephan, Tax Specialist Product Manager, Accointing AG, Zug

17.30 - 19.30 hrs. / Registration 17.15 hrs.


by 30 May 2022 to

CompanyVerein STEP, Lucerne/Zug Centre
ContactMrs Corinne Graf
 STEP Office Zug
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