Introduction to Trusts Course June 2022

Tuesday, 28 June and Wednesday, 29 June 2022
Two days Training Course Zurich Centre

This course is designed to provide practical instruction for persons working in the banking, financial,  trust and fiduciary sectors in Switzerland.
It will be of benefit  to people with relatively little experience of trusts, who wish to gain a more comprehensive knowledge of the subject.

09.00 - 17.00 hrs / Registration 08.45 hrs

Credit Suisse, Uetlihof, Zurich / Personalrestaurant Piazza, 1st floor, PATIO

by 23 June 2022 to events@step-ch-fl.com1

CompanyVerein STEP, Zurich Centre
ContactMrs Corinne Graf
 STEP Office Zug
Neugasse 12, 6300 Zug
 +41 41 727 05 27
DownloadInvitation and Programme Intro to Trusts June 2022
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