Economic Substance and UBO Registries in the BVI and beyond

Wednesday, 30 June 2021
12.00 - 13:45



Zurich Center


SANDRA LOUW, Managing Director, Trident Trust

With over 20 years’ international experience advising high net worth individuals across a broad range of wealth holding structures in multiple jurisdictions, Sandra continues to assist professionals and individuals alike to practically navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape of offshore structures.

Sandra studied law and accounting in South Africa and has worked in South Africa, New Zealand, Singapore and Switzerland.

DALIX SANCHEZ, Head of Client Services, Trident Trust

Dalix assists professional and individual clients on the implementation and ongoing use of offshore structures and focuses on assisting European and Latin American clients. In particular, Dalix assists clients with filing of substance reports and providing appropriate substance for entities/structures in the BVI and other key Caribbean jurisdictions.
Dalix has a law degree from Venezuela, with over 14 years of experience in Venezuela, Curacao and Switzerland.


Economic Substance and UBO Registries in the BVI and beyond

Since the introduction of economic substance rules in January 2019, initial differences between jurisdictions have been harmonised. There is now a mostly standardised approach, with slight modifications between jurisdictions. In this talk the speakers will explore the similarities, as well as the important differences between various jurisdictions.

  • Brief summary of current economic substance situation
  • Overview of UBO registers
  • Pitfalls, assumptions and myths
  • What is appropriate?
  • What lessons can be learned from the last 18 months?

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