Dr. Markus Kolzoff

Markus Kolzoff has been an active member of STEP Vaduz Center for many years. He joined STEP in March 1999. He got his law degree 1985 at University of Innsbruck, Austria and passed his BAR Exam (Rechtsanwaltsprüfung) in 1990 in Vaduz. As a practicing lawyer and liscenced fiduciary (1989) he became partner in the law offices of Sprenger and Partner AG, Triesen, in 1995 and member of the Board of Administral Anstalt, Triesen, a licenced Liechtenstein fiduciary company, in 2000. Markus Kolzoff is also a member of IBA. He speaks German, English, French and Spanish.

Administral Anstalt
Landstrasse 11
LI-9495 Triesen

Tel. +423 237 06 06
Fax +423 237 06 66

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