Lucerne/Zug Centre

The STEP Lucerne/Zug Centre was founded in 2009. Since its creation the Centre has actively developed its activities and promoted the Society’s aims in Central Switzerland. Our aim is to focus on education and expanding the TEP qualification in Central Switzerland.

Lucerne is a university town and has been the quintessential tourist town ever since it was developed by the British in the late 19th cent. It has a small but significant private-banking industry as well as the usual group of Swiss commercial and retail banks.

Zug has undergone significant expansion in its commercial sector over recent years and continues to be a centre for innovation. Its financial services industry has also grown in importance as a result of this.

Central Switzerland is currently enjoying a renaissance as a business centre and as being a desirable place to live, with an attractive tax regime for both Swiss and non-Swiss nationals. There are also some very substantial developments being made in local ski resorts which will also substantially increase the attractiveness of the area.

The local Committee intends to concentrate on such matters as promoting STEP's educational work, and forging good relations with local professional bodies, Government Departments and local Authorities.


Committee Members of Lucerne/Zug Centre:

Grant Osborn-Smith


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Marc Renggli

Deputy Chairman
Hon. Secretary & SLO

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Hans-Rudolf Jost

Media Officer

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Ralph Hoerner

Events Officer

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Niels Fischer

Hon. Treasurer

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Tom Kaufmann


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Verein STEP Supporter



STEP Basel Supporter


Events Supporter - Zurich Centre