STEP Branches are largely autonomous financially, but they carry a huge burden implementing the various 'missions' of STEP World-wide; these include the maintenance of professional and ethical standards in the industry, training the next generation of top trust professionals, talking to Government (including in Switzerland and Liechtenstein), the EU, OECD, FATF and so on.

The Centres in Basle, Lucerne/Zug, Lugano, Vaduz and Zurich share the interactive website that you are reading currently and that was developed locally, and the Centres in Lucerne/Zug, Lugano, Vaduz and Zurich share an administration office in Zug. This office among other activities, maintains a database of nearly 1000 Members, students and interested parties, and arranges more than 50 seminars, workshops, student events and lunches with speakers each year. All this costs money and would not be possible without the active and generous support of our 'sponsors'.

If you would like to discuss how you can gain benefit for your own organisation through supporting STEP's work and activities, both locally and regionally please contact the STEP Office in Zug under

Overview of the supporter opportunities for the year 2019/20

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