STEP History

STEP was founded in 1991 to meet the recognised need for a medium by which trust and estate practitioners could readily communicate with each other and at the same time be identified as senior practitioners, highly qualified to provide advice in this specialised field. The clear need for such a body is reflected in the steadily growing membership and expanding number of jurisdictions covered.

The key to STEP's success lies in its network of branches. Local branches cover virtually every corner of the UK as well as twenty eight other jurisdictions. All branches are run by voluntary committees and are responsible for their own educational and social activities. Many branches now organise annual conferences and seminars.

The creation of STEP produced a highly specialised and successful professional body, and its rapid expansion of branches worldwide is a clear indication of a young, forward-thinking international society.

Organisational chart

Key dates

1991 STEP is founded in UK
1992 First International branch formed in Geneva
1993 Foundation of Swiss German and Liechtenstein Branch of STEP (Zurich ctr and Vaduz ctr)
2001 Foundation of Basel  Branch
2006 Foundation of Lugano Centre
2008 Foundation of Verein STEP (former Swiss German and Liechtenstein Branch of STEP)
includes: Zurich Centre, Vaduz Centre, Lugano Centre
2009 Foundation of Lucerne/Zug Centre
2010 Foundation of Lausanne 
2016 Foundation of Swiss and Liechtenstein STEP Federation SLSF


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Verein STEP Supporter


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